House Extensions North London

Why an extension?

An extension is a great way to create an additional living space for your family. You may sacrifice part of your garden, but a new spacious kitchen or extra room can prove to be worth the effort when it comes to comfortable living. Should you wish to sell your property in the future a well designed and executed extension will definitely bring interest of potential buyer.

Where to start from?

Everything starts from an idea, but you have to approach your new project realistically. The main consideration is that when planning your house extensions North London Local Planning Guidelines are worth looking up. Good advice from professionals like architects would be beneficial and help you to get on the right path at the very beginning of your project.

Next step is to create a design concept. That is where creativity and planning meets. Usually designers and architects work very closely and often for the same practice. They will be able to give you different solutions and advice if you are not sure what design will work best for you.

Budgeting is essential for any successful project. Again you will be able to get an advice from the architect and your project manager. They will be able to give you a rough idea, even before the project starts on what funds would be required to start and most importantly to finish your project successfully.

How we can help?

Elco Design & Build handles all aspects of a project, from design, dealing with planning and building regulation to managing the construction phase of your project. Our designers will work closely with you in order to achieve the best possible design within the house extensions North London Local Planning guidance & framework. Our dedicated project manager will insure that your project runs smoothly, in accordance to architectural plans and specifications and ensure that the construction team keeps to its time scales with no compromises on quality.

Elco Design & Build works closely with number of kitchen suppliers and stone masons, but should you require something bespoke, then handmade kitchen units supplied by us could be something for you to consider. No matter how complex the design is or the materials you chose we will be able to recreate your vision with astonishing result.


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